Paint Colors That Make a Room Look Bigger

Life hacks and trick have been utilized well these days. The proper use of color can bring an illusion to the room that makes it look bigger, brighter and more spacious. To make you understand this well here are some tips for you.


Choose light colors

Light colors can make a room much bigger than it is. Light colors are more reflective and make the room brighter and, therefore, larger. The bright rooms are not only bigger, but they are also much more welcoming than the darker rooms.


Create illusions with trimmed colors


The cut colors you choose in a room can be used to create the illusion of immensity. Painting your moldings using a lighter color than the wall of the room will make the walls to appear in the background. That will make the room to appear larger. It can also visually affect the size of the room with your choice of warm or cold colors.


For instance, if you choose cool colors like green and blue, the walls will appear further inside the room, which will increase the illusion of room space. The colors in the palette of warm colors, such as red, orange and yellow, will have the opposite effect of bringing the walls closer together and reducing space.


Choose Pastels and Neutrals


Neutral and light tones, including pastel shades of stronger colors, are not visually assertive. Because of this, these colors can create the illusion of space in your room, making the room larger.


Ceiling Colors


The most traditional color selection for ceilings, white, beautifully reflects light and makes the room higher or higher. However, keep in mind that all colors in the room will appear darker when displayed in the contrast of bright white roofs. The ceilings painted in golden white color can give the illusion that even the light tone you have chosen for your walls is darker than it is.


For this reason, opt for a plain cream or a slightly whitish color on the ceiling. That will reduce the visual contrast between the wall and the ceiling, increasing the amplitude of the room.


Professional decorator’s advice


By extending the color of your wall in the ceiling in a band about a foot wide, you will add height to the room. To do this, paint your ceiling in the chosen shade and let it dry before measuring it and lightly outline one edge of one foot to the ceiling, around the room. Paint this border with the color of your wall, then apply the color on your walls.


The furniture, accessories, and accessories of the room should be considered when selecting the colors of the wall to increase the illusion of more space. For example, light colored furniture looks best in a place where the walls are painted in a similar light tone. It works to combine the furniture with its walls, giving the room the appearance of space.